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Customize your toolbar with Duhikis from our growing catalog, or easily add widgets from any other website as you find them! Duhikis, a.k.a. widgets or gadgets, are web applications that give you access to information, entertainment, and frequently used functions on your computer. These applications should be easily accessible to everyone, without having to navigate to a particular website or know how to code your own website in order to access them. That’s why we created Duhiki - to act as a convenient dock for your favorite widgets, so no matter where you are on the web your widgets are always within reach and just a click away.
Featured Duhiki: Fantasy Footbal Toolbox
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FFToolbox® provides you with the best fantasy sports information at no cost. We offer free customized fantasy football cheat sheets, drafting tips, fantasy news and NFL rumors, keepers, sleepers, rookie rankings, mock drafts results, fantasy advice, fantasy picks, auction info, forums and anything else that will help answer "Who should I draft?" No matter where you play your fantasy games, our free customized draft cheatsheets and rankings can help you!
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